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Ginny Stocker has always known that she would paint; she left her rural hometown of Bluffton, Indiana, to study Fine Art at Miami University of Ohio at the age of 17. She painted, and created, and studied, but the reality of pending adulthood and a recession pushed her toward Graphic Design and Business. She assured herself, “Grandma Moses didn’t start until she was 70—I have time.”  She blinked, and suddenly 60 is looming and her husband, Steve, is threatening her with retirement. Armed with a sense of urgency and a fresh box of pastels, Ginny starts painting. And painting. And painting. A lifetime of paintings spring forth from her pigments onto whatever she can get her hands on to infuse with color and movement.

Ginny is an impressionist. Her favorite pieces flow quickly and have a sense of happiness about them. She has a playful style of markmaking and is fascinated by the constant evolution of style that is driven by her prolific, daily creation. Each new day of painting is a step closer to what will become her own personal style.

A lifelong learner, Ginny jumps to attend any and all workshops that cross her path, inspired by the ways her colleagues will the pastel
medium into their own particular styles. She studies her environment. She finds inspiration in the natural landscapes of her many travels;
photographing and sketching a place that speaks to her and then recalling it in more profound detail in her studio. The rose-colored
tint of her memory often makes for a more dynamic, exciting painting.

She’s constantly stretching to combine colors in new ways and share the beauty of her current favorite subject—landscapes. High contrast within a painting is something that catches her eye; she is enjoying experimenting with contrast in her own work. Ginny seeks to draw the viewer into each work, giving them reason to pause and study. She is excited to create larger, bolder, brighter pieces that draw a viewer in from across the room. She has this to say about painting, “I am working like crazy to use my art to fill every moment in the second half of my life!”

Ginny is an emerging artist. Her paintings can be enjoyed in private collections and shows throughout the United States, and of course on
her website and in online exhibitions.


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Ginny Stocker