OPAL; Ohio Pastel Artists League

Ohio pastel artists league (opal)

erica Keener


Following her graduation from Ohio State with a degree in Anthropology, Erica Keener began her career as an archaeologist. As her work took her down backroads, through woods and across farmlands, her appreciation of the Ohio landscape began to grow. Once she decided to
become a stay at home mother and the family moved to her husband's family farm outside of West Alexandria, her love of the landscape expressed itself through art. With her bold use of color and her eye for natural detail, Erica’s work captures the world around us, yet requires
viewers to reconsider even the most mundane of daily scenes in what she refers to as "luminous brightscapes". In particular she enjoys trying to capture fleeting clouds and storms as they move over the landscape. Erica 's goal is to share the simple, meditative joy she finds in contemplating
the ever changing skies above and she encourages everyone to look around more often - and especially to look up.


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